Hacking Like WatchDogs Course – Hindi Version

Categories: ethical hacking
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About Course

Hacking and pen-testing are rapidly growing in past years and according to experts it grows faster in upcoming years, so this is the best skill for you to learn than any other new technology.

Non-technical people can also be a hacker and the most special thing about Hacking is it doesn’t require any coding or programming to learn. All you just need to have is basic Computer/Mobile and Internet knowledge.

So why choose android hacking over other hacking fields? First of all, let me clear that hacking basics are almost the same but it depends upon you which sub-field of hacking you like to go deeper like Bug Bounty, System Hacking, Security analysis, etc.

If you really want to be a hacker as shown in movies/shows then you have to learn offensive hacking android is a widely used operating system in Mobiles, we can say every 6 mobiles out of 10 is android and I personally like to do hacking using android even I have Laptop/PC and all other stuff because it is really some kind of geeky.

Hope you understand my point of view, let’s see you in the course. Happy hacking!



















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Course Content

Introduction to hacking

  • Introduction to Hacking
  • Setup Hacking Environment On PC/Android
  • GUI vs CLI
  • Basic Terms Of Networking: IP, Ports, WAN and LAN
  • Basics Of Linux
  • Tools and Scripts

Account Hacking, Password Cracking, Spoofing

Android/Computer Hacking

Website Pen-testing and Hacking

Tracing and Tracking Anyone On The Internet


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