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Want to be a hacker?

If you want to be a powerful hacker and even don't have any prior knowledge, join our course training and learn real-world hacking within weeks from scratch

About Course & Modules

It is a hands-on, 98 percent practical cyber security and actual hacking course that requires learners to apply nearly all types of common grey hat hacking tactics in order to understand hacking from the perspective of the attacker.


Certificate Of Completion

After finishing this training and course, a completion certificate will be given. By scanning the QR code provided in the bottom right corner of the certificate, it can be confirmed.



With multiple real-world examples, labs that provide direct application of the course material, and top-notch instructors, there is nothing compared to Hackersking.

Sandeep Mehta Developer

The real value of this training lies at the intersection of quality content of Hackersking and delivery by a subject-matter expert actively working in the field, making it incredibly relevant and immediately applicable to my job.

Sahil Dhiman BCA Student

Hackersking is the best information security training you’ll find anywhere. World-class instructors, hands-on instruction, actionable information you can really use

Sem Grills Business Owner

Thanks for this amazing training course, and the instructors are also supportive. Thanks for providing such information.

Yash Rajput B Tech Student

    GUI vs CLI

    In this lecture we are going to lean about basics of GUI and CLI and try to understand why hacker choose Linux operating system of hacking.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can join this course?

    Anyone who is passionate about learning actual hacking.

    I don't have coding knowledge or skills, can I still learn hacking?

    Yes, you just need to have mindset for learning and your PC/Laptop with good Internet connection.

    Did I get any job after completion course?

    It depends on your skills. After learning from us, you can crack any private jobs interview from Indeed or LinkedIn for job placement.

    I get certificate after course completion or I have to give an exam?

    Basically, you have to complete the course, and after that, your instructor will provide you with a verifiable certificate.

    How long do I get support?

    You'll get instructor support for a lifetime.

    I am from non-technical background can I still learn?

    Of course, anyone can learn hacking as a side skill as well as for professional purposes.

    We Have Worked With

    We have worked with many big and small Individuals and Companies around the world and also provided webinars in many Institutes.


    Why choose Us?

    We provide offensive cyber security and real-world hacking information in our courses and most of the material or tools provided by us is Self coded, not available anywhere on the Internet except our platforms 

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    Note: Only ask inquires about course and learning, not for helps or hacking.

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